The Labofii runs a new free workshop in Hamburg – August 2012.


Workshop –  Fear me no more – Act 1 :    12 – 19.08.2012

Rehearsal (optional):    20 – 23.08. 2012

Performance Action – Natural Revenge – Act 2 (optional):    24.08.2012

Fear me no more is a free 8 day workshop and part of What is enough?, the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination’s 16th experiment, As with all of our projects it aims to make productive connections between artists and activists within the framework of Permaculture.

Permaculture is the holistic science of connections which brings together ancient wisdom and contemporary systems thinking, creating ethically based design tools that mimic the efficiency, diversity and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is a powerful tool box for post-capitalist society that works with nature rather than against it, treating the natural world as teacher rather than slave. Permaculture provides a framework to develop systems that are highly productive, whilst taking finite resources into account, thus showing an alternative to the destructive obsession of capitalism with “infinite growth”. Permaculture design can be applied to any system, from gardening to farming, human health to housing, economics to ecological restoration. This course will be applying it to performance and activism.

Described as “the art of building beneficial relationships”, Permaculture deconstructs the view of the world as a series of isolated objects and individuals and helps us experience it as a network of interdependent connections. It makes us look at the links between things rather than just the thing itself, the patterns rather than the products. It decommodifies the corrupted software of our mind, developing a real eco-logic that enables us to think like a meadow rather than a machine, and showing us that the natural world should not be seen as a fearsome threat but as a nurturing whole, to which we belong and with which we should cooperate.

We are living through a unique moment in history, a window of opportunity has been flung open, the fragility and injustices of the system have been exposed and people everywhere are looking for radical alternatives. Fear me no more shifts the story that tells us that other ways of thinking and doing are impossible, that they belong in the drawer labelled failed utopian experiments, and only capitalism can save us from the crisis it created. It encourages us to question what “progress” and “prosperity” actually mean through new forms of performance and activism.

The workshop will take place in the run up to the labofii’s performance intervention for the Kampnagel Summer festival, Natural Revenge.  For those who wish, there will also be the opportunity to carry on working with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination on this production, which will take place on August 24th. This will involve taking part in rehearsals from August 20th.

Fear Me No More  is full time and will take place over 8 days (August 12th-19th) and is in english. It is free to attend, and participants will be expected to bring lunch to share every day. Participants will need to arrange their own accommodation in Hamburg.

The  facilitators see learning as an active process involving the sharing of experience and reflection. Participants will be expected to approach the course with a spirit of co-creation.

By the end of the workshop participants will:
• Have been introduced to tools to understand and overcome one’s fear of nature and of others
• Understand the basic principles of permaculture
• See the value of combining activism, permaculture and art in a variety of situations
• Have gained an understanding of the role art and creativity play in social justice and ecological restoration
• Understand the power of storytelling in art-activism
• Have experienced immersion in a community of mutually supportive artists and activists
• Have learnt and experienced forms of non-hierarchical organising and decision making
• Have learnt tools for observing, planning and strategizing
• Have learnt to focus on solutions rather than problems
• Been given the opportunity to work on an art-activist production at Kampnagel

Please send your application to by May 31st. The selection will be made by June 10th and applicants will be informed of the outcome by June 10th. Application form

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