Lab’Utopie – A free workshop with The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination 8-13 October 2013, Geneva

“The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edges of our maps.”
Lucy Parsons (Afro American radical, 1853-1942).

Art activist collective, The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (Labofii) is coming to Geneva to facilitate a workshop in artivisme and radical cartography – Lab’Utopie. We are looking for local artists, activists, graphic designers, illustrators, concrete utopians, radical researchers, rebel historians and geographers to take part in the workshop.

The first pathways of Utopia often begin as marks on a map, lines of connection between needs and desires, dreams and realities, the present and the future. For Geneva’s literary festival, La Fureur de Lire, the Laboratory of Insurectionary Imagination will co-create a giant collective map of Geneva’s history of utopian practices past, present and future. The map will collect memories of collective resistance, secessions from empire, secret stories, alternative visions and utopian emotions. Researched, designed and realised by the workshop participants in collaboration with members of the public, Lab’Utopie will end with a performative act of disobedience to reclaim Geneva’s radical history and inspire paths towards a postcapitalist future.

The workshop will take place from 8th – 13th October at the Maison du Peuple, from 11am-8pm. A series of skype preparatory meetings will also take place throughout September. Participants will learn forms of consensus decision making, and work collectively to produce the map, which will be set on a 5 metre circular blackboard.

There will be specific roles to fill in in order to carry out this project, and participants will be selected on the suitability of their skills, their interest and experience in collaborative work and the fusion between art and activism. At least some of the participants will need an excellent knowledge of the local alternative scene, be local to Geneva in order to carry out research and interview key figures for the project.

We are particularly looking for
– graphic designers
– illustrators
– cartographers
– artists / makers
– activists
– researchers / interviewers
– anyone who will feel passionate about the project…

Application form

Please fill this in and send it to


Tel Number:


Why are you interested in the workshop ?

What do you believe you will bring to Lab’Utopie (e.g. skills, knowledge, contacts) ?

Have you taken part in art activism before, if so what ?

Have you been involved in direct action/civil disobedience movements, if so what and how ?

Are you part of a group/collective if yes describe their work ?

Do you have any access requirements that might want to tell us about?

Where did you hear about the workshop?

If you want to include a CV, bio or documentation of past activities this may help us understand a bit more about you.

The workshop is free, but participants will be asked to bring food to share for lunch. Participants are required to attend the whole workshop.

Thanks for filling this in, we only have limited space. The results of application will be given on 15th of August.


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