Imaginaries of Ecology

We were delighted to return to CIfAS at the beautiful Belone centre for research and reflection in Brussels as part of their Urban Academy series. We ran a day long art and activism workshop with 40 participants, gave an evening presentation about the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination to a full house, and took part in a round table discussion with an international set of artists, anthropologists and activists, from Brazil to Australia, Belgium to Turkey.

The workshop collectively analysing what makes a successful creative citizens action

We were also invited to write some articles in a special edition of Klaxon, their journal of live art in the public realm, on the theme of taking action with the living. The pdf can be downloaded here in english and french.

The participants enact their chosen forms of action, such as here, a campaign for free public transport
The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination presents its work.

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